Based in Washington, DC, MGA is a full-service tenant representation firm focused on providing a national, highly-diverse client base with expert consultation in analyzing and executing solutions to minimize the clients’ costs of their business facility, while maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity. As our clients will attest, MGA’s proven, non-traditional, proprietary, step-by-step process consistently produces tremendously successful results.

MGA, from its inception as a full-service consulting firm, has dared to be different than others in the marketplace, setting a new standard of tenant representation services. Establishing and preserving the integrity of the firm is of the utmost importance to each of the professional members of the MGA team, which comprises partners, consultants and brokers, as well as a highly-skilled team of legal, accounting, marketing and IT personnel. MGA consistently performs at the highest level in order to provide an unparalleled level of service to its clients.

MGA’s formula for success is built on a strong foundation of passion, commitment to excellence, expert knowledge, due diligence, trust, ethical behavior, and integrity.


The MGA team strives to understand a client’s business needs in order to address and maximize the benefits of potential solutions in a strategic goal-oriented manner. At the client’s advantage, including but not limited to:

Performing our due diligence from the start allows us to effectively create a master project framework.
Understanding the client’s workplace vision is essential in successfully executing advantageous solutions.
Our team continuously develop analyses that are tailored to each individual client, providing all of the required information to compare and analyze every viable option.
As real estate markets continue to cycle, it is important to understand the impact the market conditions have on developing a consistent strategy for maximum negotiation leverage.
We work hand in hand with architects to determine exactly how much space a client requires.
We create a systematic approach to fitting a business facility to a client’s specifications and objectives.
MGA works hand in hand with both client and counsel. The MGA team plays a critical role in tying together the business terms and legal terms in a lease, providing clients the absolute most protection possible throughout the entire lease term.
We create flexibility by achieving lease options for clients is a key consideration in representing their long-term interests.
We carefully gather proposals and compare vendors that are the right fit for the project and within client budget.
MGA prides itself on being a constant presence throughout the entire process, even after the lease has been signed, MGA remains actively engaged during the build-out and close-out phases of the real estate project.
We attend every construction meeting, as well as coordinating all aspects of a relocation, to ensure that the project and construction process is as seamless and cost effective as possible.
Tracking all key dates on behalf of a client is an MGA service including all negotiated aspects of the lease. Annually, it is vital for the MGA team to review all operating expense and real estate tax escalation charges. MGA communicates with all landlords to successfully retrieve all monies due to MGA clients.