Setting the New Standard in Tenant Representation

From our inception as a full-service tenant advisory firm, MGA has dared to disrupt the marketplace and set a new standard in tenant representation. We operate without any conflicts of interest, which exists when a brokerage firm represents both landlords and tenants. Clients deserve a partner who understands their needs and provides ongoing strategic advisory services dedicated solely to their success. We are focused on providing all types of users of commercial real estate with expert consultation in analyzing and executing solutions to reduce costs of their business facility, while maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity.

We are driven to fill the client with knowledge. We think differently about office space. We see it as a potential strategic asset rather than simply a fixed liability. Whether the need is to relocate, expand, contract or renegotiate a lease, purchase or sell a property, MGA has the expertise and experience to manage the project. As a result, we facilitate our client’s real estate planning efforts by identifying key business drivers and creating a specific real estate strategy to match. Our mindset is to function as an extension of your team and contribute optimally to your bottom-line.

MGA’s formula for success is built on a strong foundation of expert knowledge, experience, due diligence, passion, trust, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.






Kickoff - Plan - Deliver - Manage

MGA exclusively represents tenants, buyers, and users of space. Clients come first in everything we do. You will always receive information from us that is conflict-free and objective.

We're organized around each client relationship. Client needs, expectations, and strategy provide the context for every project.

We look forward to helping you achieve success in cultivating a positive workspace for your team to grow and thrive.


At MGA, we believe that a strong foundation is the key to success. We start our relationship with clients by getting to know one another. We spend time learning about their unique situation and explain who we are and how we work. Performing due diligence from the start allows us to effectively create a master project framework to achieve established client objectives.

Custom Real Estate Plan

By creating a custom real estate plan, we are able to better help our clients achieve their goals. We use each client’s plan as a blueprint for their long-term occupancy. The real estate plan becomes the pillar of our relationship and we make sure that it is always up-to-date. The real estate plan covers everything from real estate financials to office growth planning.


Our in-house project management team works seamlessly to ensure the relocation or renovation project runs smoothly. Projects carry inherent risks and opportunities. We proactively control for the unexpected. With constant oversight of all key tasks, our clients’ expectations are surpassed and the project is delivered on schedule and within budget.

Manage & Report

We are focused on making sure that our clients are always well informed. An annual lease audit is conducted to secure any monies/credits due to the client. We are annually performing a space occupancy and market analysis for each and every client to review with their executive team.