Dana Bloom | Director of Project Management & Workplace Strategy, LEED AP

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simpler, that’s why it is so complicated”. —Paul Rand

A (former) colleague once described Dana as “a square peg in a round hole”- not as a compliment. And, this may have in part been true: as a former Interior Designer she cared too much about designing to cost and as a Construction Project Manager she got into the weeds on design. So, Dana earned a Masters Degree  in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California (great school, even better weather) and set about crafting a square hole- that of True Client Advocate. 

As Director of Workplace Strategy and Project Management, Dana calls upon her expert knowledge in interior architecture, workplace trends, and project management to craft, execute and lead the right strategy and right team for the client- scaling up and drilling down with a flexibility her unique breadth of experience allows. Dana believes the key to continued success is an emphatic understanding of all project drivers that provides the framework for project support and client satisfaction.

She began her career working on several award-winning and published projects with Hickok Cole Architects, and was also employed prior to MGA as an in-house Construction Project Manager for both a large and small brokerage house- but always Tenant-rep. Dana paid her knowledge forward by teaching Interior Design Studios at GWU (because the best way to “Know your Stuff” is by teaching it to someone else) and today volunteers for design critiques, and now has the distinct pleasure of working with past students from time-to-time. 

Dana earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design at the George Washington University and has made DC her home, living in Bloomingdale with her husband, young daughter and dogs where she meal preps and Soul Cycles on weekends. 

Notable Clients