Matt Chandler | Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Matt Chandler focuses on analyzing and assisting with the financial needs of MGA’s clients. Bringing 12 years of experience in finance/leasing, he is responsible for lease audits, market data, and top-quality financial review and modeling. Matt assists MGA by gaining a more complete understanding of the financial intricacies of his clients and the specific buildings and markets in which they operate.

Prior to joining MGA, Matt was the Director of Financial Services at The Ezra Company and previously a Director of Lease Audit Services role at West, Lane and Schlager. He has audited 300+ leases and a finding of $3,000,000+ in savings for clients.

Matt received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Towson University. He is a member of a CMRC group. He is pursuing a Master of Corporate Real Estate designation from CoreNet Global.