Ross B. Edenbaum | Associate Director

“You’re never wrong to do the right thing.” —Mark Twain

Ross Edenbaum, an Associate Director of MGA, is a fourth generation Washingtonian who understands the climate of the local real estate market, in addition to local community-based interest groups. Ross has a strong background in business development in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors and specializes in helping companies identify maximum leverage, value, and savings in real estate transactions.

At MGA, Ross is responsible for developing and implementing optimal occupancy strategies for companies spanning several different industries. Ross is a strong proponent of creative thinking and creating new opportunities for clients while building beneficial relationships.

Ross is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in political science.

Outside of MGA, Ross enjoys experiencing all of what DC has to offer; exploring new restaurants and museums around the city as well as, attending sporting events and concerts.

Favorite Song: “Sittin’ On the Docks of Bay” by Otis Redding

Favorite Animal: Giraffe