In an industry that has gone largely unchanged over the past few decades, MGA was created to operate with a unique approach and mindset. We represent each of our clients with an energy and passion that ensures our full attention on each project. Why we do what we do is just as important as what we do as a company. At MGA we don’t see representing our clients as simply a chance to generate revenue, but rather as an opportunity to work hand in hand to help elevate organizations through hard work and creative strategizing.


Setting a new standard in tenant representation services.

From our inception as a full-service tenant advisory firm, MGA has dared to be different than others in the marketplace. We are focused on providing all types of users of commercial real estate with expert consultation in analyzing and executing solutions to minimize costs of their business facility, while maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity.

 MGA was created to provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry, by unifying a previously segmented process. We operate without any conflicts of interest, which exists when a brokerage firm represents both landlords and tenants. While providing a wide range of real estate advisory services, our focus is steadfast in its commitment to building long lasting client partnerships with a strategic and methodical solution oriented approach.

Offering the full spectrum of value-add services, clients call on us to be consultants, strategists, negotiators, project managers and overall experts in our discipline. They know that we’ll always put them first. As our clients will attest, MGA’s proven, non-traditional, proprietary, step-by-step process consistently produces successful results.

 MGA’s formula for success is built on a strong foundation of expert knowledge, experience, due diligence, passion, trust, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Client focused

conflict free

unparalleled results