Tenant representatives work exclusively on your side of the table in lease and purchase negotiations with building landlords and owners.

What is a Tenant Representative?

Why Tenant Only?

We operate with no conflicts of interest. Our focus is to represent the user of space and no landlords in the marketplace. 

At MGA, our highest priority is to protect and champion the interests of the clients we represent, 100% conflict free.

When traditional brokerage firms represent both landlords and tenants, fiduciary obligations are inevitably compromised, and brokers assume the role of facilitators rather than exclusive advocates.

Why Choose MGA?

We are a dedicated team highly involved through the entire process from strategy to implementation and beyond.

We provide our clients with complete and unbiased advocacy at the highest level of service so as to evaluate their current real estate position and implement forward-thinking strategic decisions.

We provide customized solutions to align real estate, facilities and operational strategies with our client’s overall business objectives. This achieves maximum organizational productivity, cost-effectiveness, and workplace efficiencies.

Nationwide Representation

While based in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, the MGA team has completed numerous projects for clients with locations nationwide. Clients can feel confident that their MGA experience will be one of success and positive results.